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Eco Septic Tanks: Welcome

Eco Septic Tanks

The latest in Septic Tanks

Compact biological wastewater treatment plants for total oxidation from 1 to 18 equivalent inhabitants.

Eco Setic Tanks are the most cost-effective sewage treatment system for single-family homes with up to eighteen inhabitants in remote locations or where an effective domestic wastewater treatment solution is required.

With VFL technology, a unique and patented system that creates a vertical flow labyrinth, thus increasing all purification performance. Eliminates nitrates and phosphates.

The treatment consists of previous mechanical roughing, 4-stage anaerobic treatment, denitrification stage, aerobic treatment and decantation, all within a single tank. Made of 100% high quality polypropylene.

Technology is put at the service of the environment by avoiding contamination of the environment at a reduced economic cost.

We can install them in individual houses, hotels, schools, golf courses or urbanizations that require what is a wastewater treatment plant.

An economical and functional alternative to current sewage systems, that is what a sewage treatment plant is.

The treatment plants allow considerable savings in the installation compared to other systems and also allow the reuse of water.

They work through the generation of sludge that allows separating the treated water from the excess, in such a way that they are a guarantee for the environmental conservation of the environment in which the house is located.

We can install these Eco Septic tank systems on your property from start to finish with the minimum of disruption.

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