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We’re committed to helping our customers every step of the way and providing useful services to take care of all their needs. Read below to learn about the range of services we provide. We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we’d love to hear about it.


Blocked Drains and Drain Unblocking

Drain Unblocking & Cleaning

It’s a fact of life that pipes and drains in homes and businesses can become blocked. Usually, a blocked drain is no fault of your own, although in some cases, items disposed of in toilets and sinks, such as fats, grease and wipes, can cause a blockage. Alternatively, it may be a tree root or damaged pipe that’s causing the problem. Whatever the cause of your blocked drains, our expert team is on hand to help.

Taking care of blocked drains

Whether it’s toilet water rising dangerously high, a blocked sink, bad smells or an overflowing gully, a blocked drain can lead to all sorts of issues. At Drainaway, we are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide a professional, cost-effective solution. We can help you with:

  • Blocked drains

  • Overflowing manholes & gullies

  • Toilet, sink and bath blockages

  • Dishwasher & washing machine flooding

  • Blocked showers

  • Investigating and removing bad smells

  • Clearing commercial pipes

As drain unblocking specialists, our skilled engineers use advanced clearing equipment to remove blockages efficiently. The result is a quick, cost-effective solution to any drainage problem.

 We have a range of powerful solutions at our disposal that provide a long-lasting solution. That includes:

  • High-pressure water jetting – If the obstructions are more mobile,high pressure water jetting can soften and emulsify the blockage or remove it entirely. This technique also provides effective drain cleaning so your drains can flow freely once again.

  • CCTV drain surveys – We use the latest CCTV technology to uncover the source and extent of a drainage problem and identify the most appropriate solution. CCTV drain surveys can also check that all blockages have been successfully removed.  

How we work

We offer both pre-booked appointments and emergency callouts around the clock, so whatever your problem, our technicians will be on hand to provide a cost-effective solution. We will arrive at your home or workplace in one of our branded vans which contain all the tools and equipment we need to quickly diagnose and solve any issues upon first visit.

We also carry out functional tests on the drain to check that the blockage has been completely removed. If we identify a structural issue that’s causing the blockage, we will conduct a CCTV survey of the drain to uncover the extent of the damage and provide a proposal for the most appropriate fix.

Get in touch with our skilled engineers

Our friendly, professional engineers are some of the most highly trained in the industry. Not only do they benefit from the best equipment, but they also undergo rigorous training  to deliver the highest possible level of service.

So, if you require assistance with blocked drains, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is available around the clock for any domestic or commercial drainage emergency.


High Pressure Drain Jetting

High-pressure jetting is one of our most popular methods of drain unblocking and cleaning. It uses water jets that are propelled at pressures of over 3000 psi to break up blockages, remove encrustations and loosen hard debris. Despite its simplicity, drain-jetting is an extremely effective method of clearing and cleaning drains, maintaining the flow of water for longer and removing blockages before they become a potentially expensive problem.

When can jet drain cleaning be used?

High-pressure jetting is the fastest, most economical and environmentally friendly way to keep your drains clear, clean and problem-free. It can be used for:

  • Debris removal – Our pressure jets soften and emulsify blockages, loosen hard debris and even break through tree roots. We also have commercial jet units that can pump water at 4000 psi – more than enough to remove any type of blockage.

  • Drain cleaning – The combination of water pressure and volume delivers a clean that cannot be achieved by other means. It removes grease, sludge and limescale in pipes to restore them to a like-new condition.

  • Regular drain maintenance – The water pressure cuts deposits from the inner wall of the drain or pipe to increase the longevity of the walls and floor of your drain.

  • Gully cleaning – Blockages and debris can be removed from gullies to reduce the risk of leaks, odours and a backup of wastewater in your property.

  • Septic tank cleaning and maintenance – We use high-pressure jets to keep pipework, tanks and soakaways clean and ensure your septic tank is in excellent working condition.

A quality service from our team

Whether we’re unblocking a drain at your home or carrying out a pre-planned maintenance programme at your business, you can be sure of a professional, friendly and expert drain-jetting service from our team. We turn up at your premises in our branded Drainaway vans with all the equipment we need to identify and resolve the problem, so we won’t have to disturb you again.

Book high-pressure jetting today

We use the latest drain-jetting equipment to achieve the best possible results for you and your property. Contact our team to book an appointment or arrange your emergency callout today.

Drainage: Services

Drain Excavation

Some domestic and commercial properties can suffer from severe drainage problems that are so serious the only solution is to excavate the drain. This type of damage can be caused by anything from ground movements and flooding to surface works and major root ingress that diminishes the structural integrity of the pipework.

What’s involved in a drain excavation?

At Drainaway, the first stage of any drain repair is always to carry out a CCTV drain survey. That will provide more information about the damage done, its location and the access available so we can determine the most appropriate and cost-effective fix. Drain excavation is a complex process that takes much longer than in-situ repairs, so we do try to avoid it if possible. However, there may be no other option in some cases.

To start the process, we will dig a hole or trench to expose the pipes that need repairing. This will either be completed manually or using a small excavator. We can then replace the damaged pipe and refill the trench in a like-for-like manner to reduce the risk of subsidence.

When is a drain excavation necessary?

We only carry out drain excavations in cases where the damage cannot be repaired by other means. An excavation may need to take place if:

  • A simple repair or drain clean is not enough

  • The drain or pipe is old and in poor condition

  • The drain or pipe has collapsed

  • There are multiple leaks

Why you need an expert team

As mentioned, drain excavation is a complex and potentially risky process. Once our experienced engineers have established that it’s the only appropriate course of action, we will provide you with a proposal of our work and the full costs so there won’t be any nasty surprises further down the line.

Correct pre-excavation diagnosis and knowing exactly where the damaged pipes are is essential to a prompt and cost-effective repair. The damaged pipe may also be in close proximity to other services such as water and gas, so it’s essential you work with a highly trained, certified team with many years’ experience of full excavations.  

At Drainaway, we have the know-how, specialist equipment and expert engineers to perform a drain excavation with minimal disruption, while keeping your costs down. Get in touch to discuss your drainage problems today.

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